A Few Favourites and an Update.


I haven’t written a blog post in what feels like forever. This is due to many reasons, the main one being that I went on holiday to France! I won’t say much bout it as I am planning on making a whole blog post on it. Once I was home my cousin came to stay, then it was my results day which consequently lead to 3 days in bed, I then went to the peak district with my cousin and then stayed with her for a week or so. Because of this my time to write has been lacking.


July and August have been two months of film discoveries for me. However, a particular favourite of mine has been Inside Out. If you haven’t already heard (where have you been?) inside Out is the new Pixar film that looks at the emotions inside a young girls head. It is a brilliant film that entertains people of all ages. This film focuses on depression and has 3 strong female characters which makes a change to most films out there. Another change in this is that there is no ‘villain’ in the film, just emotions that cause the destruction. I would recommend this film to anyone as I personally feel that this is a breakthrough for children’s film and film in general.

Bake Off is back! Bake off is a long term favourite of mine and this series is just as brilliant as the last. Bread week is my favourite so far and i am 100% backing Nadiya as she is so funny and genuine. Who are you backing?

I have found many new favourite songs however Dodie’s new song One For the Road  has been on repeat since I first heard it. It’s so beautifully written and great for belting out when you’re feeling a bit crap. Another favourite song is Electric Love by BORNS. It has such a sultry, upbeat feel to it. (click photos to listen)


That’s all for today I think. Please leave your favourites in the comments! Hope you all have a wonderful week 🙂


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