The Road Within

Me and my wonderful cousin watched The Road Within last week and it has instantly moved into my Top 5 Films. I don’t think that I can stress enough how powerful this masterpiece is.   Dev Patel and Robert Sheehan have always been favourites of mine, especially Dev Petal due to his roles in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Slumdog Millionaire, however their acting in this is just insane. Decent acting is hard to get at the best of times but finding actors that can portray mental illnesses in a proper way without turning it into a joke is almost impossible, especially when playing characters with Tourette’s. Having said that, Dev and Robert did an incredible job portraying these characters and illnesses. 

In the film we see 3  young adults run away from their residential to try and find the ocean. You watch them form relationships with each other and start the overcome their illnesses. 

Everything about this film is incredible, from the acting, the soundtrack, the way it’s filmed, and the locations. If you can, watch it. You honestly won’t regret it. 

E x

(On climbing a mountain)

Alex: What if it sucks?

Vincent: What if it’s amazing?

Alex: What if it’s dangerous?

Vincent: What if it’s exciting?

Alex: What if we die?

Vincent: What if we live? 




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