a little care package from me to you

I myself have not been feeling my best lately. The stress of school and worrying about family is taking it’s toll, so last night I took some time to lounge in the bath, watch a film, and give myself some much needed pampering. If you’re not feeling your best, or even if you are, here are some top things to do to pamper yourself.

1. Listen to some music. Whether that’s super happy music that makes you want to dance or light music that makes you feel as though you’re floating away.

2. Take a long bath. Use some bubble bath (or shampoo if you have none) or a bath bomb if you’re feeling fancy and take a good long soak. It will help relax your muscles and make you feel much calmer. Perhaps light some candles, read a book, or watch a film whilst you soak.

 image1 (2)

3. Create something. Paint, draw, knit, crochet, cook, collage, plant. Whatever you chose to do it will give you somewhere to put all of you energy and at the end you’ll feel good about what you’ve made.

4. Sleep. If you’re not feeling alright, have an early night. In the morning you will feel refreshed and you head will feel clearer.

5. Binge watch a show. Get invested in someone else’s life for a bit and forget your own. May not be the healthiest of things to do but at least you’ll feel a bit better for 40 minutes or so….


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