Road Trip: Wales

Last week me, my aunt, and my cousin went on a 2 day trip to Wales and it was just the most fabulous time ever. Me and my cousin actually made a road trip playlist that you can listen to here.

When driving up we had the windows down, Kodaline, George Ezra, and Vampire Weekend blaring from the speakers and we sang from the bottom of our lungs. I can honestly say that I have never felt so happy, besides the Kodaline concert.

image2 image4 image5


We were extremely lucky as the weather was the nicest it had been all year round so we took a little detour to the seaside at Llandudno where we had ice cream and paddled in the sea.We also climbed up The Great Orme where we sat and had sandwiches looking out to the sea. We later found out that my grandma’s family is berried in the church there which was quite a coincidence.

image6 image7 image9


The B&B that we stayed in was lovely, the host was kind and spoke to us a lot bring us tea and bread as we sat outside playing the card game ‘Shithead’ looking into the mountains. The bedroom was also lovely with lots of space and a beautiful view from the window. Later that evening we went for a walk through the woods and ate fish and chips by a river before heading back and playing more card games in bed.

image1 image10 image11

The next day we walked down to Fairy Glen which is one of mine and my cousins favourite place to go in Wales. It’s so peaceful and calm down there with barely any people. We climbed up the biggest rock and sat eating an Easter Egg whilst listening to Seafret and watched the water swim around us.

image1 (1) image2 (1) image3 (1)

image4 (1)

Before we went home we decided that we would walk part way up Snowdon and have a look at the lakes up there as it was such a beautiful day. The walk was fairly easy and the views were gorgeous. If you ever go to wales I recommend you climb it.

image5 (1)


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