It’s more than likely that at some point in your life you have experienced some change in your life.

Change can be from something as small as changing your nail polish colour to moving to a new country.

Change can be scary, daunting, and exciting.

Recently I have been contemplating the change that I have made and the change that I need to make in my life. So, I thought I would share a few tips on how to change your life for the better.


Tip 1: De-clutter. Throw out anything that you don’t need because let’s be honest, do you really need that tacky fairground toy you won on the penny machine? No. Throw it away! Not only will your space look organised and clean but you will find that your mind will also become less cluttered. I suggest making 3 piles; keep, charity, rubbish. This way it is easier to see what you have and are able to sort it out easier.

Tip 2: Drink more water. This seems like a really simple thing to do but it really does help. You will find that your skin is clearer, you can focus more, you feel a lot more awake and energised, and that you just feel better in general.

Tip 3: Wait 20 minutes when you wake up to check your phone. I am guilty of checking my phone before I have even woken up properly but just stop. Think about your day, how do you want it to turn out? Are you going to see people? Will you work? Do something fun? Just take 20 minutes to lay there and think about how you want your day to turn out or just lay there and enjoy the silent blissfulness.




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