On Saturday 14th of March I saw my favourite band of the past 3 years perform live for the first time and thought I would tell you guys about it.

My cousin was travelling up from Colchester (about 4 hours from me) to come see them, we then got a train to Birmingham. When we were in Birmingham we got  a little lost and ended up a  sketchy part of Birmingham which was terrifying. Once we (finally) got to the venue, the Birmingham institute, we were very happy to see that we were almost first in line which gave us hope that we would be by the stage.

Whilst waiting in line to go in, Mark and Jason walked past and as you can imagine, I pretty much died. They were very lovely and said hello, offering to take pictures. I sadly, did not get one though as it would have meant losing my place in the queue. After three hours of waiting we were let into the venue and we were right at the front at the barrier which was the coolest thing ever, if you go to a concert definitely get there a few hours early as it is so worth it.

Jason Boland 

The first support act was a two piece acoustic UK group called Seafret. They were INCREDIBLE. The singers voice was insanely good and their lyrics were beautiful, they also seemed like genuinely lovely guys who joked around with the audience a lot. I can not stop listening to then and I would definitely recommend you checking them out (My favourite song is Oceans and features Maisie Williams in the music video). Their Website, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook.

Harry and Jack, Seafret

The second support act were a 5 piece band called The Mispers, they consisted of a violinist, guitarist, bass player, drummer, and a lead singer. They were also incredible apart from the lead singers confusing, though somewhat amusing, dancing . The guitarist had a strong resemblance to Ezra Miller and sang most of the songs along with the lead singer, he was fantastic joking around with the other members of the band. I strongly recommend you giving them a listen (shoulders is my favourite song). Their Twitter, Instagram, Website, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook.

The Mispers

There was around a 30 minute wait before Kodaline came on and when they did I freaked. It was seriously one of the most exciting moments of my life. They started playing and I felt the music running through my body, filling my soul. It was just magical. Jay was the cutest guy ever looking up into the audience with a huge ‘i can’t believe this is my job’kind of smile which was adorable. Steve was so hot and he was so lovely telling us the meaning of some of the songs they played. Then, they played Brand New Day. Now, this has been mine and Holly’s (my cousin) favourite song since we discovered Kodaline, it was actually the song that made us fall in love with them, so, when they played it we died. Literally. Steve’s voice was on point, I can honestly say that Kodaline are one of the best Bands I have seen live and that this was the best concert I have ever been to, it even topped One Direction.

image1 (2) image2 (2) image3 (2) image4 (2) image5 (1)

I’m sorry for the over exaggeration of death in this ‘review’ and the poor images but I thought I would share my experience with you.

Hope you enjoyed x

We can write stories bout the journeys that we made.


4 thoughts on “Kodaline

  1. swantori says:

    I know the feeling! Last summer I got to see my favourite K-Pop group, 2NE1. I started crying when I heard their voices for the first time live!!
    Also, you were in Bham? (Iliveherecough)

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