Favourite Lipsticks

I am not usually one for wearing lipsticks often. However, when I do, these are my favourites.


1. Raspberry Pie by Revlon


Raspberry pie is a nice purplely-pink with a creamy texture. I love that it glides on without being too sticky and that it isn’t matt but not too shiny either. It gives a nice finish and is a classic shade that can be worn all year round.

2. Mulberry by No.7
IMG_1755    IMG_1701

Mulberry is a much subtler shade than Raspberry Pie, its a very pretty nude pink. This is a matt lipstick and although it says it’s a ‘moister drench’ lipstick, I definitely recommend applying lots of lip-balm before use. Other than that the lipstick applies wonderfully and stays on for several hours without reapplication.

3. Classic Rose by No.7

IMG_1688    IMG_1703

Classic Rose is very similar to Mulberry except it has a much richer colour to it. It applies well however, like mulberry, I work recommend applying a lot of lip-balm before application.



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