DIY: The Perfect Mixtape

There are probably 2 types of people who are reading this right now, the music lovers of the world and those who haven’t a clue as to what a mix tape is. So for the clueless bunch of you here is the definition of a mixtape by Google:

“mixtape (ˈmɪksteɪp/) noun –  a compilation of favourite pieces of music, typically by many different artists, recorded on to tape or another medium by an individual.”

So whether you’re making a tape, CD, or simply a playlist for someone, here are some top tips.


Tip 1: Before you even start thinking about what songs to put on your mixtape, establish who you’re making your mixtape for. Perhaps its a romantic partner, a friend, or a family member. Will you have a theme to your mixtape? What is the overall message of the mixtape? All these things need to be decided before you start listing songs.

Tip 2: Once you’ve sorted out the main details of your mixtape, now is the time to start thinking about your songs. Have a ‘hook’ song. This could be one of their favourite songs or perhaps a song by a band you know they love but may not have heard the song before. Make sure the first song isn’t too depressing, even if you’re making a chilled out mixtape, you need to make sure that they won’t hate it from the start.

Tip 3: Have a song that you think they’ve heard and know they’ll love.

Tip 4: Maybe have a song from a film or show that they love. This can be the theme song or a song that just features in the film/show.

Tip 5: Have a song that is different to what they usually listen to but that you know they’ll love. This could be a song that is unusually quiet or loud for them, a song that is slow or fast, or of a different genre to what they typically listen to.

Tip 6: Include a great cover of a song that they hate or a great song by an artist that they hate. Surprise them.

Tip 7: A song that reminds you of them. This could be a song that they used to play on repeat or a song that whenever you hear it you see them dancing around the kitchen or screaming it at the top of their lungs in the back of the car.

Tip 8: Make sure your mixtape starts and ends with a bang. This can be done by having the same band opening and closing the mix or starting and ending with their favourite songs.


Life is a mixtape


Lots of love,

Ellie x


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