Liebster Award!

I have been nominated for my very first Liebster Award  by Ashley (hercraves) – A cool lifestyle/fashion blog.

The Liebster Award highlights new blogs by having the blogger answer questions from the person who nominated them. It’s a great way to meet new bloggers!

Here are the Rules: 1. In a blog post, post your answers to the questions that you were asked. 2. Create 11 questions for your nominated bloggers to answer. 3. Let 11 new bloggers know that you have nominated them for a Liebster Award (try to make sure that they have 200 or less followers).


The Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging? – I started bogging as I felt that it would be a could way to be creative and I wanted o be able to have a platform to share my thoughts.

2. What is your ultimate goal with your blog? – I don’t particularly have a goal for my blog, I just want it to be the best that I can make it.

3. What is your number one beauty or style tip/trick? – If YOU like it then wear it. Care less about what people think and more about what you love, mix your style up and find what you enjoy wearing.

4. Favorite nail polish color? – I love blues, especially more sky blues as they match all seasons and are easy to pair with outfits.

5. Dream career (if not blogger)? – I would love to become a wedding photographer

6. Coffee or tea? – Neither, I’m not really a fan of any hot drinks.

7. Who is your style icon? – Taylor Swift. I need her wardrobe.

8. Favorite food? – Raspberries

9. What three things are on your wish list right now? – I wish I was with my cousin because I miss her like crazy. I wish I was at the Louvre. I wish to do well in my exams.

10. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? –  Paris so I can go see Monet’s paintings.

11. What is your best piece of blogging advice? – Similar to my style advise, don’t try to please others. Don’t write about what you think others will enjoy. Write about things that YOU enjoy writing about.


I Nominate:






(Sorry there’s not 11)


My Questions:

1. Who’s blog is your inspiration?

2. What’s your favourite song to dance to?

3. What is your favourite era for fashion?

4. What film or book changed your life?

5. Do you have a go to outfit? If so, what is it?

6. What is your favourite shop?

7. What character do you think has the best style?

8. Films or books?

9. What do you order when our at a restaurant?

10. What is your best skin care tip?

11. Who inspires you the most?


🙂 x


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